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This wonderful pillow is crafted in Romania with 100% European Merino wool.

With its unique combination of temperature and moisture regulation; hypoallergenic qualities and natural comfort, wool helps you to get more deep, regenerative sleep.

Quality: The pillow is made up of multiple layers of wool batting ensuring the filling stays in place. Each wool fiber has a coil-spring structure, making it remarkably elastic and resilient. Wool lasts longer than any other fiber.

Over time wool batting will compress, but much less than batting made of another material. Regularly fluffing your pillow will help it maintain its loft.

Highly Breathable and Naturally Temperature Regulating:

Wool regulates your body temperature and keeps you in the ‘thermal comfort zone’ longer.


    Size Dimensions Fill
    Queen 20″ x 30″ Soft Medium
    King 20″ x 36″ Soft Medium


  • 100% pure Merino wool is hand-sorted to select only the longest fibres
  • 2 year guarantee for defects in materials/ workmanship
  • The moisture control properties of wool ensure a dry restful sleep environment, resulting in less tossing and turning. It has been scientifically tested and proven to slow your pulse rate which is a sign of deeper relaxation. Wool conforms to the head and neck, providing just the right amount of support. All in all, wool keeps you cool and dry in summer and cozy in winter, so you will sleep well in all seasons.

    Healthy and Hypoallergenic: Wool naturally creates a comfortable, dry sleep environment decreasing the likelihood of common allergens such as dust mites. Some people think they are allergic to wool or the lanolin in wool. What is often the case is they are sensitive to traditional coarse wool. Our Merino wool is a soft silky fiber with less than 1% lanolin. The pillows are covered in a fine German batiste cotton fabric that creates an effective barrier. Wool is also naturally fire retardant.

    Ethical: Wool is sourced from farmers in Europe who meet the highest ethical standards in animal care.

    Sustainable: Every year sheep produce a new fleece; making wool a renewable fiber.

    It is cleaned and processed with eco-friendly detergents and 100% natural terpenes found in natural essential oils extracted from plants (no artificial or harmful detergents or chlorine is used).The result is wool that is pure, clean, and natural with a fresh and pleasant scent.

    When composted, wool releases valuable nutrients back into the soil.


    ? 100% cotton ticking, made in Germany
    ? 238 thread count Batiste weave
    ? Finished with a clean and simple knife edge

    Always use a pillow protector in addition to a pillowcase to keep your pillow fresh and comfortable for years to come.

    Spot cleaning is permitted with a damp cloth. Roll your pillow in a towel to remove water, never wring it out. Wool pillows will naturally settle around 25% in the first few months. Fluff your pillow daily and air in the sun at the turn of the season.


      OEKO-TEX? Standard 100 certified. Learn more about our certifications here.


King, Queen


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